Lowest Rate of Personal Loan Interest Rate in India


With the increase in demand as well as the price of the necessary commodities, the need of personal loans has increased drastically. The Personal Loan Interest Rate in India has been fluctuating throughout the years as it depends on the criteria that varies from bank to bank. One criteria being the income level that you are an employer or self employed. Repo rate obviously plays an important role in deciding the personal interest rate. Other criteria for getting a personal loan at minimum interest rate is the status of the company you work for, these are classified as CAT A, CAT B, CAT C and non listed companies.CAT A companies includes top 1000 companies, CAT B includes MNC’s and so on. The better category you fall into, there is more likely to get low interest rate, then it is credit and payment history, relationship with your bank and lastly it is the individual’s negotiating skills. Although all of these criteria are difficult to fulfil but you can compare the personal loan interest rate of bank easily through easyloansindia, an online service provider of loan and its related activities.Remove your all worries of knowing all about lowest rate of personal loan interest rate in India through easyloansindia.



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